Microsoft satsar på rss-portal


Niall Kennedy, tidigare Technorati, börjar arbeta för Microsoft med att skapa en plattform för rss-flöden. På sin egen blogg skriver han att:

I am excited to construct a team and product from scratch focused on scalability and connecting syndication clients and their users wherever they may exist: desktop, mobile, media center, gaming console, widget, gadget, and more.

Han berättar också att Microsofts är den nya startsidan för Internet Explorer 7 och det nya versionen av Microsofts operativsystem, Vista. will be the first feed syndication experience for hundreds of millions of users who would love to add more content to their page, connect with friends, and take control of the flow of information in ways geeks have for years. I do not believe we have even begun to tap into the power of feeds as a platform and the possibilities that exist if we mine this data, connect users, and add new layers of personalization and social sharing. These are just some of the reasons I am excited to build something new and continue to change how the world can access new information as it happens.

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